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Your First Massage
Answers some of the most frequently asked questions about therapeutic massage, making your client's first visit as comfortable as possible.

• Why a massage?
• What are your concerns about the session?
• Financial matters
• What health information should I provide?
• How do I choose a massage therapist?

Also available in Spanish: Beneficios del Masaje Terapéutico


Benefits of Massage
Explains the many health enhancing effects of therapeutic massage. Topics included are:

• Proven effectiveness of massage
• Which approach is best for you?
• The many benefits and uses of massage
• Who benefits from massage?

Also available in Spanish: Beneficios del Masaje Terapéutico


Antidote to Stress
Informs how therapeutic massage helps restore balance to the effects of stress in our lives.

• A balanced life-optimal health
• What is a stressor?
• The stress response
• Signs of too much stress
• How therapeutic massage helps
• Enhancing the relaxation effects of massage

Also available in Spanish: Beneficios del Masaje Terapéutico


Sports and Fitness
Explains how therapeutic massage complements all conditioning programs.

Topics included are:
• The complete workout
• How massage helps
• Massage for the competitor
• What kind of massage is best?
• What happens when you exercise?
• Making the most of your conditioning massage


On-Site Massage
Bring massage to the workplace. Explains the convenience, safety, and cost-effective addition to a workplace wellness plan.

• Massage as an investment for a healthy business
• Workplace health problems
• On-site massage
• Benefits of massage – Why it is so popular
• Bringing on-site massage to the workplace


A Complement to Chiropractic Care
How chiropractic and massage facilitate the natural healing process. Keeps the body in alignment, and ensuring a free flow of nerve impulses and circulation.

• Complementary Massage as Health Care
• Benefits of Massage
• Relief and Recovery
• Therapeutic Massage Helps
• Massage and Adjustments
• Today’s Health Problems
• Arrangements for a massage appointment.


Healthy Aging
Feel good at any age. This brochure explains how massage improves general health, addresses problem conditions, and enhances the quality of life.

• Challenges of Aging
• What should I expect from a Massage Session?
• Are there Any Restrictions?
• Benefits of Massage for Older Adults
• How Do I Choose a Massage Therapist?


Massage During Pregnancy
Pregnancy massage can minimize stress, promote relaxation, and prepare the muscles for birth.

• Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy
• How Pregnancy Massage Helps
• Choosing a Massage Therapist
• Post-Partum and Infant Massage
• Precautions


Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)
Therapeutic massage has been found to offer welcome relief to many who suffer the chronic pain and fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS).

• Understanding Fibromyalgia
• Integrative Approach to FMS
• Stress Reduction – Restful Sleep
• Pain Relief
• Improved Outlook


Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
Explains the effectiveness of therapeutic massage for repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

• Therapeutic Massage for Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
• Causes of RSI
• Prevention of RSI
• Home-Care
• Massage for Recovery
• Treatment


Respiratory Conditions
Individuals with chronic respiratory problems breathe a little easier with therapeutic massage.

• Massage for Respiratory Conditions
• Respiratory Diseases
• Therapeutic Massage
• Breaks the Cycle of Anxiety
• Maximizes Inhalation and Exhalation
• Reduces Fatigue
• More Productive Coughs
• Research Studies


Cancer Patients
In addition to the general health benefits of a massage, cancer patients have reported relief from a number of physical and emotional discomforts.

• Quality of Life
• Benefits for Cancer Patients
• General Benefits
• Benefits Related to Surgery
• Benefits Related to Radiation and Chemo-therapy
• Emotional Benefits
• Cautions
• Massage Therapy Approaches


Pain Management
Massage Therapy is a natural and effective approach to pain management. Therapeutic Massage reduces the need for pain medication.

Topics included are:
• Sources of Pain
• Limits of Pain Medication
• Massage Eases Pain
• Describing Pain to Your Massage Therapist
• Natural Complements to Massage
• Before Receiving Massage


Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork Therapy
How Shiatsu relieves pain and discomfort, increase self-awareness, promote emotional balance, and addresses common ailments.

Topics included are:
• Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork Therapy
• Ki and Energy Pathways
• Acupoints
• Assessing Ki
• The Shiatsu Session
• Contraindications
• Forms of ABT and Shiatsu


Foot Reflexology
The goal of Foot Reflexology is to normalize function and increase circulation throughout the body, resulting in better health overall.

Topics included are:
• Foot Reflexology
• History
• Zone Therapy and Other Theories
• Reflexology Charts
• Foot Reflexology Sessions
• Contraindications
• Illustrations


Explains how therapeutic massage offers natural relief from the symptoms for OA, and can be a valuable part of an OA wellness strategy.

Topics included are:
• Healthy Joints
• Osteoarthritis
• Natural Approaches to OA
• Massage for OA
• Contraindications
• Illustrations